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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope

For business relationships between


Serkan Tokmak
Rothenburgsorter Marktplatz 5
20539 Hamburg
Tel.:  ; +49 40 797508911
further providers and the customer are exclusively subject to these general terms and conditions. The provider does not recognize any terms and conditions that conflict with or deviate from these general terms and conditions and hereby expressly objects to them. Conflicting terms and conditions of the customer are only valid if the provider expressly agrees in writing.
2. Retention of title

The delivered goods remain the property of the provider until they have been paid for in full.

3. Product liability, support and accounting 

The provider does not assume any support or legal liability in any form (copyright, etc.) for products supplied by manufacturers/authors. Legal liability and support services for the customer placing the order are the responsibility of the manufacturer/author of the respective product. The order processing and execution takes place according to the legal operating regulations valid at the time of invoicing (e.g. legal advertisements in online shop design templates)  or according to the specified and used basic software. The manufacturer cannot be held liable in any way for further and future legally required provisions. The user of the product is solely responsible for checking for legally required advertisements and provisions.

4. Offers and prices

All offers and prices designed by the provider are non-binding and subject to change. If the client wants additional services that have not been previously agreed, the current price is to be paid in each case. Price changes for current orders will be communicated to the customer in good time and are only permissible if the customer does not object.

5. Order placement

The order must be placed in writing or by e-mail. Orders from the customer are accepted by the provider by means of a written order confirmation by e-mail or post. Internet orders (by e-mail/form dispatch) are also binding for the client/orderer without a signature.

6. Terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices are due immediately without deduction. If the payment deadlines are exceeded, the provider is entitled to charge the statutory interest on arrears.

7. Delivery time for customer orders

Delivery dates require agreement. The delivery time is interrupted for the duration of the examination of drafts, demos, test versions etc. by the customer. The interruption is calculated from the day the customer was informed until the day his statement was received. If, after the order has been placed, the customer requests changes to the order that affect the production time, the delivery time will be extended accordingly. In the event of a delay in delivery, the customer is only entitled to exercise the rights to which he is legally entitled after setting a reasonable grace period of at least two weeks.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1 Display

The user has individual setting options in the browser (viewing software for Internet pages) and in the hardware used, which change the display (e.g. of products, template pages, etc.). The various browsers also interpret the source code differently, which can lead to different types of display. The provider therefore does not guarantee or guarantee that the products, HTML/PHP documents, etc. will be displayed completely identically with all browsers and with all hardware used.

8.2 Templates<

Templates are templates for your own website, online shop or web portal, etc. The templates used in the offered merchandise for displaying the content are general and, if possible, based on those supplied by the respective shop or CMS system Based on standard templates. There is no right to an adjustment to the actual representation by the buyer / user, unless a separate service is used.

8.3 Audit obligation 

Order processing and implementation takes place in accordance with the statutory operating regulations valid at the time of invoicing (e.g. statutory advertisements in online shop design templates) or in accordance with the specified and used basic software. The manufacturer cannot be held liable in any way for further legally required provisions. Checking for legally required and necessary advertisements and provisions is the sole responsibility of the user of the product.

8.4 Content

The client of commissioned work assumes full and sole responsibility for the Content and its legal certainty. The provider does not carry out any orders for page creation (as far as the provider is aware) that violate legal prohibitions or common decency. The provider hereby assumes no obligation to examine. If the content violates laws, morality and other legal provisions or is otherwise unacceptable, the provider can refuse the service. However, this does not give the customer the right to stop paying for the services already provided.

8.5 Copyright

In the case of commissioned work, the provider does not check whether the image, text, sound material etc. supplied by the customer is free of third-party rights (copyright). This obligation is the sole responsibility of the client. The provider hereby assumes no obligation to examine and legal liability.

The copyright for published objects created by the provider (websites, scripts, programs, graphics) remains solely with the provider. Unless otherwise agreed, the client receives the rights of use for the created objects with the full payment. Duplication or use of such objects in other electronic or printed publications, in particular on other websites, is not permitted without the express consent of the provider - unless otherwise agreed.
8.6 Liability for damages - through the purchase and use of our products -

Should the use of our products lead to errors or disruptions on or on the web account or the customer's web server, the manufacturer/provider takes over  no liability or compensation. Will the customer  If errors or faults are known, the customer is obliged to inform the manufacturer/supplier immediately in order to minimize the course of damage or to keep it as low as possible.

8.7 Liability for damage – for commissioned work on or on the Web account or web server of the customer -

If work has to or should be carried out on or on the web account or web server of the customer, the customer transmits the corresponding and correct access data to the contractor/provider. Should errors or disruptions occur in the course of this work on or on the customer's web account or web server, the contractor/provider assumes no liability or compensation. If the customer becomes aware of errors or faults, the customer is obliged to notify the contractor/provider immediately. to be informed in order to minimize the course of damage or to keep it as low as possible. After completion of the work by the contractor/provider, the customer is obliged to change or completely delete the access data to the customer's web account or web server in order to prevent unauthorized access to it.
8.9 Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes is Hamburg, but not if the customer is a consumer. Web shop operators are not consumers, but commercial customers.
Hamburg, March 11th, 2023