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Comprehensive eCommerce Platform Migration with Ongrano

Choosing to migrate from platforms like OpenCart, Magento, XT-Commerce, or any other eCommerce page to Shopware 6 signifies a crucial step in your digital growth journey. However, this complex process requires careful handling of a host of components, including categories, products, product properties, product reviews, SEO URLs, and, where applicable, blogs and CMS systems. This is where the unparalleled expertise of Ongrano's migration services stands out.

Thorough Data Transfer

At Ongrano, we prioritize the seamless transfer of all critical eCommerce components. From categories and products to product properties and reviews, we cover all facets. We use robust testing techniques to confirm the successful migration of all data, ensuring that your Shopware 6 platform is entirely equipped to facilitate your eCommerce operations.

SEO URL Retention

Maintaining your SEO URLs during migration is vital to preserve your search engine rankings and avoid broken links. At Ongrano, we match your old system's SEO URLs to the new system, enabling a smooth transition without damaging your SEO efforts.

Blog and CMS Migration

If your existing eCommerce platform encompasses a blog or CMS, we've got it covered. We migrate your valuable content, preserving the structure, links, and metadata to ensure your content strategy remains unaffected in the new system.

Custom Bridge Software for Unsupported Migrations

For migration scenarios not officially supported by Shopware 6, Ongrano steps in to bridge the gap. We develop custom bridge software that enables the transformation of your data into formats compatible with the Shopware 6 infrastructure and data types. With our innovative solutions, we prepare you for a smooth entrance into the Shopware 6 world, regardless of your existing platform's limitations.

Trust Ongrano for a comprehensive, efficient, and hassle-free migration to Shopware 6. We understand the significance of every single component in your eCommerce platform, and we are committed to migrating them with the utmost precision. Partner with us to make your digital transformation journey a successful one.

Frequently Asked Questions: Migration

Your data will be meticulously migrated to the new system using advanced tools and techniques. All necessary precautions are taken to ensure no loss of data, and we carry out thorough testing to confirm the successful migration.

We take significant measures to maintain your website's SEO value during the migration, including the preservation of SEO URLs. While minor fluctuations can occur, we strive to ensure that any impact on your rankings is minimized.

Yes, we include blog and CMS migration in our services. We ensure that your content, along with the necessary metadata and structure, is successfully transferred to your new system.

Even for scenarios not officially supported by Shopware 6, we have solutions. We can develop custom bridge software that transforms your data into formats compatible with Shopware 6, ensuring a smooth transition regardless of your current platform.